Getting Started with Mazooma APIs

Mazooma APIs are the primary means for Merchants to access product functionality such as processing Consumer payins and payouts and creating transaction reports.

Before you begin

Before you can begin your Instant Bank Transfer integration, you must receive your unique Merchant ID from the Mazooma Merchant integration team.

In addition to your Merchant ID, you must have the following OAuth credentials, which will allow you to create an access token:

  • Client ID - A string that uniquely identifies the Merchant system generating the token.
  • Client Secret - The private client secret is a password known only to the Merchant and the authorization server.
  • App ID - The app ID identifies the products and functionality that the client ID is authorized to access.

For more information about what you’ll need before starting your integration, see Prerequisites.

API Reference

Mazooma APIs are based on REST architecture and are accessed via HTTP at URLs described in the API reference pages.

Transaction terminology

Throughout the Instant Bank Transfer product documentation, you’ll frequently see the terms debit, credit, payin, and payout referring to types of transaction. In general, we use these terms as described in the following table:

Term Meaning
Payin or Debit A payment made by a Consumer to a Merchant.
Payout or Credit A payment made by a Merchant to a Consumer.


Mazooma APIs use the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate and authorize users to make API calls. For more information, see Authentication.

Making test requests

Throughout the Mazooma Developer Portal you’ll be able to send test requests to our staging environment.


If you’ve retrieved an access token within the past 60 minutes, you can skip steps 1 and 2.

To make a test request:

  1. Click Get Access Token.
  2. In the Get Access Token window, enter your Merchant credentials for the staging environment or use the provided test credentials and click Get Access Token. The access token is automatically entered in the oauth_access_token field.
  3. Click the Body tab and replace the following values:
    • originatorIp - Replace the existing value with your own IP address.
    • merchantTransactionId - Replace the existing value with a unique value. This can be any string containing up to 64 alphanumeric characters.
  4. Click Send.

Client implementation

See Client Implementation for guidance on initiating transactions using the java client library.

Additional resources

Additional resources, such as branding requirements and customer service FAQ are available in Resources.

For more information about using Mazooma APIs, contact us at

Getting help

Mazooma support is happy to answer any questions you have and help with technical issues including:

  • Obtaining test and production environment authentication credentials
  • Merchant system implementation
  • Post-implementation best practices

You can contact us at