Mazooma Error Codes

When submitting a payin or payout transaction, there are a number of errors that may result in a transaction failure.

  1. API errors
  2. Interactive transaction error codes
  3. Direct transaction error codes
  4. VIP management error codes

API error codes

Mazooma APIs use HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. Examples of issues that cause API errors include authentication failures, malformed JSON, invalid data types and sizes, and missing or invalid Merchant details.

Error Code Description
S001 Product must be specified.
S002 Invalid country format.
S003 Invalid transaction region.
S004 Customer info must be specified.
S005 Invalid Merchant ID.
S006 Invalid Merchant user ID.
S007 Invalid Merchant transaction ID.
S008 Date of birth not specified.
S009 Customer type not specified.
S010 Recipient not specified.
S011 Contact info not specified.
S012 Contact name type not specified.
S013 Contact name not specified.
S014 Contact address not specified.
S015 Contact region not specified.
S016 Contact city not specified.
S017 Contact postal or zip code not specified.
S018 Full name not specified.
S019 First name not specified.
S020 Last name not specified.
S021 Bank info not specified.
S022 Invalid transaction amount.
S023 Invalid currency.
S024 Return URL not specified.
S025 Report search condition not specified.
S026 Report query type not specified.
S027 Report output type not specified.
S028 Transaction start time for report not specified.
S029 Transaction end time for report not specified.
S030 Merchant info not specified.
S031 Bank token not specified.
S032 Bank routing number not specified.
S033 Bank account number not specified.
S034 Bank account type not specified.
S098 The JSON message is invalid.
S099 The request is invalid.
S500 Unhandled internal system error.
S501 Unsupported service.
S10001 Client ID is required.
S10002 App ID is required.
S10003 Token is required.
S10004 No longer authorized to access the service.
S10005 Missing required scope.
S10006 Client ID mismatched with the Merchant.
S10007 Product is not in accessing scope.
P100 No gateway Merchant mapping found.
P101 Failed to get transaction status.
P102 Failed to create pre-transaction.
P103 No connector available for the product.
P104 Failed to enqueue transactions.
P105 Inconsistent transaction.
P106 Duplicate transaction.
P107 Failed to get transaction batch info.
P108 Failed to get transaction return info.
P109 Failed to get Merchant’s encryption key.
P110 Not a supported country code.
P111 Not a supported product.
P112 Failed to make a direct transaction.
P113 No password found for the Merchant.
P200 Authorization service unavailable.
P300 Unable to decrypt message.
P301 Bad decryption key.
P302 Cannot find decryption key.
P401 Not authorized for request.
P900 Not all rows were refreshed in replica.
P901 Multiple results returned for select exactly one.
P902 Access to replica table data using invalid identifier.
P1000 Field validation failed.
P1001 Country not specified as a valid ISO code.
P1002 Language not specified or invalid.
P1003 Currency not specified or invalid.
P1004 Invalid language.
P1005 Bank information details missing or invalid.
P1006 Customer details missing or invalid.
P1007 Person details missing or invalid.
P1008 Transaction details missing or invalid.
P1009 Text contains invalid characters.
P1010 Product Merchant is invalid.
P1011 Account type is invalid.
P40001 Authentication failed
P50000 A non-recoverable exception occurred.

Interactive transaction error codes

Interactive transaction errors are caused by missing or invalid parameters in the payin request. Note that it’s possible for a request parameter to be considered valid by the API gateway, but not valid for a specific Mazooma product integration. For example, a currency code that is not valid for your Mazooma product.

For example, the Mazooma API gateway requires that a currency parameter value is a valid 3-digit ISO 4217 currency code, such as USD or CAD. However, your Mazooma product may require that the currency parameter value must be USD. In this case, a parameter value of CAD would not cause an API gateway error, but would cause a payin request validation error.

The errors described below indicate a failed interactive payin transaction.

Code Description
V003 Invalid Merchant account ID.
V004 Merchant account authorization failed.
V005 Invalid or missing transaction type.
V006 Invalid or missing Merchant transaction number.
V007 Duplicate Merchant transaction number.
V008 Invalid or missing transaction amount.
V009 Invalid or missing currency code.
V010 Invalid or missing first name.
V012 Invalid or missing last name.
V013 Invalid address.
V014 Invalid city.
V015 Invalid or missing state code.
V016 Invalid or missing country code.
V017 Invalid or missing zip code.
V018 Invalid home phone number.
V019 Invalid or missing transaction state code.
V020 Not an active transaction state code.
V023 Invalid date of birth.
V024 Invalid or missing financial institution account type.
V026 Invalid or missing financial institution ABA number.
V027 Invalid or missing financial institution account number.
V041 Invalid or missing Merchant-assigned Consumer user ID.
V042 Invalid or missing Consumer email address.
V043 Invalid Merchant sub account ID.
V047 Invalid or missing return URL.
V048 Invalid or missing local date time.
V120 System error.
1 Failed IP Validation.
2 Suspicious or fraudulent payment history by the Consumer.
4 Transaction amount exceeds the Consumer’s limit.
7 Maximum log in attempts reached.
9 The Consumer cancels the transaction after financial institution account verification.
13 Risk management subsystem rejects the transaction.
14 Negative information on the identity.
15 Mismatch with Merchant info.
16 Insufficient funds to cover the transaction.
17 Cross-currency is not supported.
27 Consumer abandoned transaction.
98 Generic error.
99 Consumer opt-out.
101 Invalid routing number.
102 Financial institution account validation failed (ABA number, account number, or account type mismatch).
103 Consumer opted out after unsuccessful log in attempt.
105 Cosumer online financial institution account error (account blocked, password reset, etc.).
106 Bank website is unavailable.
107 No valid bank account available.
108 Invalid token.
109 Token blocked.

Direct transaction error codes

The errors described below may be included in the notification for a failed direct transaction.

Code Description
E002 System error.
E003 Invalid data size of Merchant account ID.
E004 Merchant account authorization failed.
E005 Invalid transaction type.
E006 Invalid Merchant transaction number.
E007 Duplicate Merchant transaction number.
E008 Invalid transaction amount.
E009 Invalid currency code.
E010 Invalid size of first name.
E012 Invalid size of last name.
E013 Invalid address.
E014 Invalid data size of the city code.
E015 Invalid state code.
E016 Invalid country code.
E017 Invalid zip code.
E018 Invalid home phone number.
E022 Invalid SSN.
E023 Invalid date of birth.
E024 Invalid financial institution account type.
E026 Invalid financial institution ABA number.
E027 Invalid financial institution account number.
E029 Invalid originator IP.
E030 Invalid HTTP request.
E031 Invalid HTTP content.
E032 System error.
E033 No active processor account for the Merchant.
E034 System error.
E035 System error.
E036 System error.
E037 System error.
E038 Processing transaction failed / blocked.
E040 Credit transaction declined because the daily credit limit is exceeded.
E041 Invalid or missing Merchant-assigned Consumer user ID.
E050 Invalid or missing transaction state code.
E051 Not an active transaction state code.
E098 Generic error.
E108 Invalid token.
E109 Token blocked.
E182 Over transaction limits.
E201 Fraudulent or suspicious financial institution account
E202 Fraudulent or suspicious identity.
E203 Fraudulent or suspicious transaction pattern.
E301 Failed transaction velocity check.

VIP management error codes

The errors described below may be included in the notification for a failed VIP management request.

Code Description
P038 Risk rating is invalid.
P039 VIP Consumer does not exist.
401 Unauthorized.