Consumer Experience Requirements


To improve the Consumer’s user experience, the Merchant can allow them to select the previously used account, or to add a new account, before being redirected to Mazooma for payment. For information about customizing the cashier, see Using a previously registered bank account.


When a Consumer’s payin or payout is successful, the Merchant should:

  1. Present a receipt that includes:
    • Confirmation that the transaction was successful
    • The deposit method used
    • A timestamp of the transaction
  2. Update the Consumer’s account balance.

To reduce incidences of insufficient funds (NSF), Consumers should be advised on the receipt page that funds may take 2-3 days to leave their bank account and that they must keep sufficient funds in their account until the transaction clears.

Error messaging

If the Consumer’s payment was not successful, Mazooma provides the Merchant with the error code in the payment notification. Merchants are responsible for displaying appropriate messaging to their Consumers and advising them how to proceed.

For more information, see Consumer Error Messaging.