Direct Payouts

When the Merchant is ready to submit a request to Mazooma to process a direct payout, the Merchant system sends an HTTPS POST request to submit the transaction for processing. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Mazooma Merchant account balance for these transactions to be successful. For information about checking your Merchant account balance, see Current Balance.

There are two methods for processing a payout:

  1. With a registered bank account (accountToken)
  2. With bank account details

Withdrawals with a registered bank account (token)

From the withdrawal cashier, the Consumer should be presented with the stored bankAccountType, fiName, and accountLabel obtained during previous interactive payins. The Consumer can choose which bank account they want to use to withdraw funds. The Merchant will include the accountToken associated with the selected bank account to send the HTTPS POST request.

Withdrawals with a new bank account

Mazooma does not perform additional verification on this request. Ensure that the bank account details match the check image details and that the name on the check matches the Consumer’s account profile.

If the Consumer has not registered a bank account from a previous interactive payin, the Merchant can request that the Consumer perform a minimum deposit with Instant Bank Transfer to generate the accountToken or collect a copy of the Consumer’s check image to gather their fiRouting, fiAccount, and fiAccountType that can then be submitted as an HTTP POST request.

For more information, see About direct payouts.

Instant Withdrawals and ACH payouts

There are two available options for processing Consumer payouts: ACH and Instant Withdrawals.


This default method uses the ACH clearing channel to process payouts. ACH is supported by all US banks and Consumers receive their funds in 0-2 business days.

Instant Withdrawals

Merchants can optionally enable Instant Withdrawals, which uses the RTP network to process payouts. Consumers whose bank accounts are at banks that support RTP can receive their payout funds in real time.

For more information, see Payout methods.

Instant Withdrawals test amounts

Merchants who have enabled Instant Withdrawals can test their implementation by using specified transaction amounts in their payout requests.

The following transaction amounts will result in the associated value being returned in the payment_method parameter in the response:

Payout transaction amounts are expressed in cents. For example, 1.99 is entered as 199.

Transaction amount payment_method
< 100 ach
= 100 pending
> 100 rtp

For more information, see Payout methods and the Transaction API Reference.