Transaction Notification Verification

Processing transaction notifications includes the following:

  1. Mazooma sends the notification.

    Transaction – Regardless of transaction status (successful or rejected), Mazooma sends a payment notification to the transaction notification URL specified by the Merchant during the system integration. For more information, see Payin notifications.

    FI returns – Mazooma sends a return notification to the event (return) notification Url specified by the Merchant during the system integration.

  2. Merchant parses the notification.

    The Merchant system now parses the notification and completes the following tasks:

    • Determines whether the transaction is successful or rejected, and then displays a message to the Consumer.
    • Compares the payin requested data with transaction notification data.
    • Stores the accountToken, bankAccountType, fiName, and accountLabel to use in returning Consumer tokenized payins and returning Consumer tokenized payouts.
  3. Merchant updates the Consumer account balance.

    • If the notification verification is returned without errors and the payin request matches the data in the transaction notification, the Merchant can credit the Consumer account.
    • If the transaction notification is not received or the verification from Mazooma contains an error, the Merchant should not credit the Consumer. The payment can be marked as Pending until the Merchant verifies the payment by other means.
  4. Merchant sends a verification request.

    After parsing the transaction notification message and performing the necessary actions, the Merchant system must echo back to Mazooma an exact copy of the original notification message to the notify verification service URL. See Prerequisites. The copy must be a string that matches the notification message exactly and not parsed as a set of parameters.


    The Merchant system must parse the notification before sending the verification request. Sending the verification request before parsing the notification can result in the notification being incorrectly marked as successful in cases where the notification processing fails on the Merchant system.

  5. Mazooma sends verification response.

    When the Mazooma system receives the verification request, it compares the string received with the notification message, and returns the verification response. A verification response with no errors indicates that the notification is verified.

For more information about notifications and verifying notifications, see

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