Post-integration and Certification Checklist

New Merchants are provided test credentials for Mazooma staging servers. These credentials are used for system integration and subsequent testing.

Before going live, Mazooma requires access to the Merchant’s staging / sandbox environment, a Consumer test account in the Merchant’s test system, and associated credentials that allow the Mazooma integrations team to test and certify the implementation.

When all the tests and checks described below are validated, the integration is certified to go live in production. The Merchant is required to provide details of their production system and is then issued production credentials.

Task Completed
Payin payment redirect
Payin flow, registering a new bank account (non-tokenized payin)
Payin flow, using an existing bank account (tokenized payin)
Consumer’s Merchant account balance is credited after successful payin
Payins are displayed correctly in transaction history
Payin flow, cancelled payin before bank selection
Payin flow, cancelled payin after bank selection
Payin flow, cancelled payin before bank login
Payin flow, cancelled payin after bank login
Consumer is not credited in Merchant cashier after rejected payin
Cancelled and / or rejected transactions are displayed correctly in cashier transaction history
Notification verification - payin and FI return
Payment notification URL configured
Payment notification received and echoed back
Confirm multiple payment notification URLs for multiple sub_ids (if applicable)
Event (return) notification URLs configured
Event (return) notification received and echoed back
FI returns
Return processing through event notification
Return processing through API calls
Confirmation that returns data is delivered to Merchant / ops team
Correct messaging to Consumer upon receipt of return
Correct account blocking to Consumer for chargebacks
Confirm Consumer account is blocked / messaged on receipt of return
Correct handling of nextAction and nextActionDate during representment process
Direct Payouts
Payout flow, withdrawing funds using a Registered bank account (token)
Payout flow, withdrawing funds using bank account information
Consumer’s Merchant account balance deducted after successful payout
Payout flow, Merchant messaging if payout is rejected prior to being submitted for processing
Reporting and Reconciliation
Request transaction report successfully
Request return report successfully
Branding Requirements
Correct logo on payin and payout cashier
Correct product descriptor on payin and payout cashier
Consumer Experience Requirements
Maximum 3 bank accounts displayed on cashier
Displaying bankAccountType, fiName, and accountLabel on cashier after a successful payin or payouts
Ability for Consumer to remove registered bank account from the cashier
Receipt displayed on successful payin and payout transactions
Correct error messaging on rejected payins